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HPM: Laurel Anderson by Elisaria HPM: Laurel Anderson by Elisaria

Fixed up her app and put it onto the new template~ Feel free to drop me a note or something for an rp sometime c:
I also updated her history a tad bit, mostly to make the writing not sound so choppy on here, but if that's not okay please let me know D: (Nothing really changed though, it just is easier to read imo xD)
Also added onto her talents a little bit

Edit: As of October 19th, 2014, Laurel turned 23.

Name: Laurel Anderson

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Pokemon: Aipom

Height: 5'6"

Body-style: Curvy/Average

Birthday: October 19

Home Island: Amusement Archipelago

Personality: Although Laurel grew up as a shy girl who took most things the wrong way while being criticized, she has begun to grow out of that frightful state. She is a rather cheery girl now who will sometimes approach people (it mostly depends if you look scary to her or not!) and try to be friendly with them if she can. She sometimes strives to please the people around her while also doing what she wants at points. And even if someone looks frightening and scares her, Laurel will still do her best to accept others and make them feel at home. She is still struggling with not getting upset about being advised on things that she thought she was doing well; but still appreciates them all the same. Although be wary, when she's not on top of things, she's very easy to frighten and will possibly run away. 

History: Laurel originally grew up on Raccolto when she was younger until she was 10. Her parents made the decision that city life would be more wel suited for Laurel. Just in case they ever needed somewhere to go though, they kept the old property.

Like any normal kid, Laurel attented school for the standard amount of time until she was 18. She contemplated going to college, but decided to hold off on that for a while. During the time that she was in school though, her parents were always fretting about her safety and whether or not he was passing or failing far more than what was necessary. From all of the vocalization of her future and safety, and especially the corrections that her parents always seemed to make of her, Laurel became quite introverted and sensitive to any criticism that came her way. During this time, she decided to invest in a part-time job in a library which spawned her love for books and reading.

When Laurel turned 21, she finally decided to make the choice to return to her old homestead. It too much convincing and pleading from her parents to allow her to do this, but in the end she convinced them that it was a safe option since they had lived there previously.

Laurel has been making a pretty good life on Raccolto so far - many things have happened, including the sudden switch of her totem which wasn't as surprising as when she was transformed into an actual Aipom for a while! Laurel is still working hard on her ranch and making a living for her and her pokemon.

Job: Rancher
Ranch Name: Moren Ranch
Stock Type: A variety of animals, but mostly Torchics and bird Pokemon.

Cat Race: Glameow
Cat's Name: Jenna

Bullet; Red She knows how to make her own Animal Medicine.
Bullet; Orange Cooking to an extent

Fun Facts:
Bullet; Red Laurel is sometimes very jumpy and can be frightened easily.
Bullet; Orange Laurel's pet Glameow is a very odd one. She has much smaller ears, head, and whiskers compared to normal Glameows.
Bullet; Yellow Laurel actually loves to meet new people! She's just too shy to start conversations with them most of the time, but will talk if she's approached first.
Bullet; Green She absolutely loves Ducklettes and Torchics c:
Bullet; Blue She lost her country accent after spending so many years living in the city and now talks with a small lilt in her accent, but is still rather city like.
Bullet; Purple She also likes to swim now and then; along with other activities to stay in shape.
Bullet; PinkLaurel also loves to cook and can make a meal to anyone's pleasing!

Ability: Pickup
Nature: Quirky
Moveset: Scratch, Tail Whip, Swift, Double Hit

Loves: Mago Berries, Scarfs, Books, Curry Dishes and Strawberries

Likes: Red Bouquets, Sunflowers, Egg Dishes, All Types of Ore (Besides Junk Ore)

Dislikes: Failed Dishes, Junk Ore and Spiders
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IcyReflections Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Great design! ^^
She seens like a really sweet girl. 

If you ever want to rp, just send me a note~ :3
Elisaria Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh thank you! c: I'd love to rp anytime~ So I'll send you a note soon!
IcyReflections Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I would love that!
Thank you. :3
Elisaria Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem dear~
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